For wedding planners

To mark Wedding celebration beautifully we offer:

  • Premises for wedding celebration up to 50 people;

  • VIP room with toilet and bath for the new couple;

  • 15 guests night stay in comfortable guest rooms (extra 20 -25);


  • Phone Number: +371 29102500
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Catering services - professional table layout, hospitality service;

  • Celebrations in great white outdoor tent;

  • Marriage ceremony in the meadow, the altar rental;

  • Beautifully appointed tables and decoration;

  • Flowers and flower compositions;

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting equipment rental;

  • Wedding equipment rental

  • A professional photographer;

  • Evening manager;

  • Video operator;

  • DJ;

  • Tent places.

1st floor

  • Banqueting hall for 50-55 persons.
  • Solemn presentation, white curtains in banquet hall, on the stairs, for newlyweds on the back with lighting curtain.
  • Circular or rectangular tables with white tablecloths, optional.
  • Wedding banquet chairs with white chair covers.
  • Standing table with white flexible cover.
  • Wood-fired sauna. Besoms. Bath Essential Oil.
  • Jacuzzi. SPA lounge.
  • Towels 70 x 140 cm, 50 pcs.
  • Music loudspeakers, which are connected to a mobile phone or laptop.
  • WI FI
  • Projector. Projector screen 200 x 200 cm
  • WC
  • Shower room.
  • Disposable shower gels.



  • tableware and cutlery for a party, dishwasher, kettle, electric cooker, microwave oven, tea thermos.
  • Drinking water, carbonated or still.


Sleeping places on the 2nd floor / 35-40 sites coated with white linen /

  • Four rooms: VIP "WINTER" - two beds with toilet and bath, "SPRING" - seven beds, "SUMMER" - four beds "AUTUMN" - two beds.
  • Shared room - from 20 to 25 additional sites (the mattresses, with white linen).
  • WC, shower room.



  • Shed - in summer lays a welcome desk, dances, optional.
  • White curtains at the side outlet, shed, patio, gazebo.
  • Terrace - a sitting area for guests can be with celebration tables, optional.
  • Gazebo - summer sitting puffs and table, lounge area, dance, wedding traditions, the marriage ceremony, optional.
  • Outdoor grill, skewer sand, coal.
  • Big pan, gas ring, gas cylinder.
  • Fireplace.

Wide-area, peace and quiet! :)


Guest house reservation and contracting.

  • In order to chosen date would be 100% yours, mutually conclude an agreement.

  • When you have reviewed a contract and un given a confirmation, I send a signed contract and advance payment bill by e-mail. The advance payment is 50% of the total contracted amount.

  • When the invoice is paid, then the reserved date 100% yours.

  • A week before the rest day, I send the final invoice for the remaining amount of the total.

  • In rest day we meet at the guest house and give the guest house at your disposal. In the guest house are only you and your guests.

  • In rest day, we mutually agree what time to accept the guest house, the lessee awaits the lessor.

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